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Chaplain Thantos is an experienced chaplain that is approaching 300 years of age. Although relitvly long serving he is still a warrior unrivaled by most marines of his rank. Thantos was recruited after a Chaos warband ravaged his home planet and killed his family making him bitter and ill temperad towards chaos.

Any army over 1500 points may take thantos, if taken he counts as one HQ choice.


Troop type
























Artificer armour(bonus included), Plazma pistol,
Mace of Absaloution, Rosarius of purity(bonus included),Jumppack, Furoius charge, terminiaor honours (included in profile).

Special rules:
Linities of hate: as basic
Honour of the Chapter: as basic
Mace of absaloution: This is treated as a master crafted power weapon.

Rosarius of purity: An ancient relic crafted in the golden age of the imperium, it projects a forcefeild that is superiour even to that which can be produced by the most skilled tecno-magnus today. This rosarius gives a 3+ invunerable save instead of the normal 4+.

: Thantos hates chaos to the point that the mere sight of a heretic or deamon drives him to the edge of insanity. When fighting a chaos army his WS is boosted by +1 and he gets +1 attack. However as he is in such a mentalistic rage he cares not for his own defence only the killing of the enemy, to represent this all chaos models will hit Thantos in close combat on a 3+ and he is a -1 BS.


The Assault on Calth

Thantos heard the sound of the siren, signalling the planet was under attack. The whirring scream of it was a sound he had never heard before.
Citizens ran here and there, some to safe hideouts and others to the entrance of their communal dome. They were all willing to give their lives in defence of their home now that the defending garrison of Ultramarines had fallen.

‘Stay here, pray to the Emperor that he may preserve us, and that we shall triumph defending our planet, be safe. I will return.’ Said Thantoses father to Thantos and his mother, as he hurried them into the Shrine of the Emperor. Inside were many other women and children, praying and weeping at the foot of the statue to the Emperor of mankind. Just as Thantoses father was about to seal the heavy door to the shrine, Thantos stepped into the archway. ‘Father, let me fight. Let me defend my home as well. I am 14; I can wield an autogun! Please, let me fight!’ ‘No!’ said Thantoses father ‘You are too young. I will not have it! Our foes are strong and unlike targets at the arms training complex; they fire back! No! Stay. I shall come back son, do not worry, I am coming back!’ Thantos stepped back, weeping, as his father slowly closed the door to the shrine, leaving Thantos and his mother praying for safety, with the many others, from the immortal Emperor of mankind.

Thantoses father never came back.

They stayed there many hours. The shrine was silent apart from the babbling murmur of the prayers to the emperor. None moved, all crouched, kneeling, on the marble steps to the statue. The murmuring was broken by the sound of armoured footfalls outside. Firstly the ones closest to the door turned their heads. After thirty seconds all eyes were on the door, people muttering to each other and exchanging nervous glances. Then all went quiet outside.

One of the ornate gothic windows, set ten feet up the wall, smashed as a green, fist sized object flew through it and clattered to the ground. The people nearest looked at it for half a second before they realised. The grenade exploded, killing all that stood too close. Thantos and his mother stood together closest to the statue and luckily away from the blast. Before the smoke had cleared the heavy door, to the shrine, was battered aside as a World bearer Chaos spacemarine shoulder bashed it. The citizens shrieked as the marine fired bolter shells into the masses.

Another three traitors flooded into the shrine, firing. One armed with a flamer incinerated all in range, leaving just charred and twitching corpses.

One woman pulled a Las pistol from her belt and with trembling hands, fought to get the safety off. The World bearer who had entered the room first drew a large knife, as big as the woman’s arm, and briskly walked over to her as the scores of citizens fled to the back of the temple. She stood there, eyes widening, frozen to the spot and still franticly trying to get the safety lever off. ‘Death is upon you, human’ howled the marine as it lifted its knife above its head, ready to strike. "KLICK" The safety came off and the woman squeezed the trigger at point blank range as two shots impacted on the chest plate of the marine. Yet the armour was strong and it continued its stroke, unfazed, cleaving the woman from collarbone to pelvis. The pistol skidded across the floor to the feet of Thantoses mother. Seeing the pistol she picked it up as civilians died all around her and pointed it at the flamer-wielding traitor then pulled the trigger. The shot smashed into the marine’s face, ripping a crater in the front of his helmet and killing the marine inside.

Foolishly, a child aged but five ran fearlessly over to the fallen marine’s flame-thrower and tried to pick it up, only then realizing it was far too heavy. His mother screaming for him to come back. One marine towered over the struggling child, paused, then kicked it with an armoured boot, cracking bones and sending its crumpled form sliding across the smooth floor to rest in a bloody heap against the wall.

All the citizens were dead apart from Thantos, his mother and one other woman all backed against the statue of the Emperor with nowhere to run. Thantoses mother stepped infront of Thantos, levelled her Las pistol at the marines and fired. One fell with multiple wounds in his head and neck. Yet another levelled his bolter at Thantoses mother. Seeing this she turned the pistol on the marine and again pulled the trigger. Nothing. And again… nothing. The weapons energy cell was empty and all that emitted from the weapon was a high pitched series of beeps. "KADUN" The marine fired a single shot, ripping through her belly, before detonating deep inside. She fell without a scream down the steps and landed below. A second shot drove into the chest of the middle-aged woman beside Thantos and she slid into a bloody heap on the floor. He was alone.

As the marines slowly advanced on a frightened, weeping Thantos, he stepped backwards; knocking over the altar devoted to St. Dralus as the fabled Mace of Absolution thudded to the ground.

Below the steps the traitors appeared to be getting ready to take Thantos captive, exchanging curt nods, as one loosened a heavily spiked pair of shackles from its waist. Thantos saw his mother lying on the ground and a fiery feeling of hate and revenge burned in his chest. He bit his bottom lip and his eyes welled up with tears. Then he swept up the Mace of Absolution and with a scream, dived down the steps unto the traitor marines below.

Wielding the mace two handed over his head he drove it down on a marine’s helmet. Blue lightning erupted from the mace, lashing at the traitor and tearing his skull apart. The World Bearers were startled by this sudden, unexpected attack, yet quickly retaliated. One drew his combat knife and made a horizontal slash to remove Thantoses head. Thantos ducked and drove his mace into the marine’s knee. With an almighty crack the joint bent backwards and the traitor toppled over, screaming an agonizing bellow.

Yet now the other marine had closed in with Thantos and made ready to swipe. But Thantos turned in time and held his mace so that the shaft would intercept the blow. "KRASH"  The crude knife smashed into the mace and sent Thantos sprawling to one side with the force of the strike. Another was aimed at Thantos; he dodged sideways and planted the mace’s head squarely in the traitor’s chest. The cermite cracked and buckled inwards as lightning seared the target. Then the marine fell backwards, gasping and wheezing for breath while coughing blood. Thantos finished him by crushing the mace into his chest once more. The wounded marine, previously hit in the knee, struggled to rise but as it did the mace crashed into its shoulder guard, sending it collapsing over again. Thantos, with his last ounce of strength, slammed the mace down on the back of the marine’s head; causing it to cave inwards.

Thantos felt… pleased. Pleased with the fact he had exacted revenge on these traitors. Pleased he had killed them like they had killed his fellow people, his friends and his family. Yet it was not complete. He had not killed enough. Enough to truly revenge all their deaths.

Thantos shuffled over towards his mother’s corpse, stepping over the twitching bodies of others, and letting the mace slip from his hand, he knelt beside her and wept.

Later that day a relief force of Ultramarines retook the planet. When they found Thantos they recruited him and now he serves as a most honoured Chaplain of the Ultramarines.

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