Brother Ultramarines, you can now sign yourself in with the "The Ultramarines Chapter"

Become an official registered member and your name will be written in the Chapter databases.



For all you loyal visitors and new visitors there now is a possibility to get your own "yourname-at-ultramarines.nl" email adress!! 


Here's wat you must do, it's very simple:



  • Send a e-mail with subject : Ultramarines E-mail request

  • Give me your full name

  • describe what your Ultramarines email should be ( yourname-at-ultramarines.nl)

  • Give me your present email adress



    How it works 


    The new "yourname-at-ultramarines.nl" email adress you get is really an alias email adress.


    This means that all the mail that is send to this adress is automaticly forwarded to your present email adress. 


    So for you it really doesn't chance very much, only that you will always have the same email adress and that of course it is going to be an unique Ultramarines email adress. 


    The mail that is send to your present email adress will still be received by you on your present email adress and  the email send to your new "yourname-at-ultramarines.nl is going to be forwarded to your present email adress.


    So you still send your own email with your present email adress and you will still recieve mail send to your present email adress in the same way it goes now, the only thing that chances is that the mail send to your new "yourname-at-ultramarines.nl email adress will also be send to you present email adress.


    React quickly because your name can only be used once. If you have any questions, please mail them to me.


    The example email adresses have been changed to fool the email search bots. Just change the -at- with @



    To all the brother Ultramarines that sign up, welcome aboard at "The

     Ultramarines Chapter" as an official member of the greatest chapter of them all.