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The Ultramarines Chapter; Resource site



Home of the Warhammer Hobby UK

Home of the Warhammer Hobby Holland

Large Warhammer 40 K Resource Site

Site of Bobby Wong, a Golden Deamon winner, you'll find some perfect painted Ultramarines here. ( he converted and painted the Uriel Ventris model shown on this site)

The Black Library, large official Warhammer books and magazine site.

The Mealstrom

Large Warhammer 40 K Resource Site

The Corribra Sector

Large Warhammer 40 K Resource Site Large Warhammer Links page
Wolflair Home page Armybuilder 2.1 Onofficial Dutch Games Workshop page Short stories about WH40K and fantasy
The Warp 

Large Warhammer 40 K Resource Site

Go to

Dutch Warhammer link page

Dutch Games Workshop Forum

Large golden demon winners site

REPTENT!!, Conversion site with great Ultramarines conversions




Salamanders Resouce Site!

Salamanders Resource Site

Bloodangels Resource Site

Warhammer 40K Site

Ultramarines Succeror Chapter Site

General Warhammer Site

Bloodangels Resource Site, lots of conversions (Scratchbuilding a Thunderhawk! and lots of conversions)