Welcome brother Ultramarine to 'The Warhammer 40K terrain" section, I've made some pictures of a view of my terrain pieces and have tried to give some comment on the picture.

At first here are two pictures from battle fields I took at our club "Da Dice Lobbers"

The left picture shows a part of my army (1000 pnts) at the start of a battle against an Imperial Armoured Company. All the terrian you see on the table has been made by me.

(The battle was won by "the Ultramarines", yes!!!)


The right pictures shows a Space Wolfs army against a Chaos army with some terrain from our club.




City Fight Terrain



  First stage


This is an example of an piece of terrain I have been making for cityfight battles. I used a piece of board with a smooth white top as the bottem of my building.

Then I started cutting out the piece for the walls out of foam. I glued pieces on te floor as piece of broken down wall.

Further I used card board for the roof.



Second Stage

In the second stage I started adding little details like some iron bars sticking out of the concreet walls, some lights, on the top side of the big wal an electrical compartment with some wires.

Finaly I covert the floor with sand and glue and some other lose stuff. I als added little stones here and there.

I painted the walls first with some wall paint and in the end I sprayed the whole building with stone red, black and some silver paint



Then the project was complete and I finished another City Fight building. The next buildings were made in the pretty much the same way.





This is a constuction site on a foamboard plate wich measures 90x40x3 cm. On the right side there is a broken factory, on the left side (under) There is a comunication centre and on the top side a Oil tank with cooling.

The factory is made of little home made bricks with cardboard on it, the roof is made of some plastic plate, for the factory I used some old computer parts and a engine of a plastic truck. The comunication center is made of an aluminium piece wich I got from someone of our club, on top of it there is little computer box on a standard. To complete the detail I added all kinds of little parts frome the old computer and even used two old space marines as statues (under, in the middle, you can see one). When this all was done I spay painted it with gray, black and chrome.


And there you have it, another city fight terrain piece ready, it was al lot of work but it payed of.